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First M2M dispositive running!

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Two articles ago, we indicated the beginning of our research in Machine to Machine (M2M) concept. To really have a noticeable feature, we decided to explore in our day to day and find that remote controls management of our business park was becoming a headache: Remote controls without battery, another jalopy to control, problems with the visitors…. So we set to work to replace barrier/garage remote controls with a website accessible from any device that allowed us to get rid of the terrible remote controls. No sooner said than done, we designed a device connected to the Internet 24×7, to centralize the opening of barriers, and a website (contained and released from the device itself) to validate access permissions by user / password against corporate SAP user or LDAP:

M2M garage door remote control SAP

Currently all Provide staff with access to the business park use this route…. and are delighted!. We also use it to open the barriers when a visitor comes.
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SAP HR Renewal: is it really an alternative?

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SAP announced earlier this year its new user interface for HCM administrators: HR Renewal. At Provide we wanted to thoroughly test the functionality offered by this new interface, to find out whether or not it is a real alternative for classic interface Sap Logon. To do this, nothing better than implement it in our SAP systems.

Our first task was to investigate everything that we could about this new UI. We were surprised to find poor information on the web (Always the same screens!). Moreover, in daily contact with our customers, their feel is misinformation. Some of them do not even know of the existence of this new interface, and the brightest “heard something” but did not have any detail of its advantages or functionality .

That is why, once we have tested the HR Renewal in our systems, we believe that will be very interesting to share with you a summary of our first conclusions:

SAP HR Renewal

  • Navigation is based on tabs , so it is advisable to use Netweaver Business Client to keep the reference of where we are. If we execute the Renewal directly on the browser, we can end immersed in a web of eyelashes.
  • Aspect is good, largely thanks to the new design of the ABAP Webdynpro in Netweaver 740 version , and the use of BSP ‘s to provide greater interaction screens thanks to HTML5 ( SAPUI5 ) and JavaScript.
  • The initial display or “Landing Page” ( known as SAP ), organize in blocks some of the basic functionality for a HR administration user:
    • Access to Personnel Administration and Organizational master data. At this point, note that SAP has made a big work to adapt their Infotypes to the new UI and has further concerned to provide the tools needed to adapt customer extensions.
    • Access to Individual and Mass processes based on Process & Forms.
    • Search: Finally a powerful and quick search on our PA and OM master data combined in a very intuitive way.
    • Tasks inbox sorted by date of receipt or by priority.
    • BW Queries and reports .
    • Discussions: Integration with SAP Social Media to add comments as a forum does, on the master data of personnel or structure, so that the management team to communicate nimbly in the actual tool

Both the order of these tabs and the contents thereof are easily customizable by each manager. View update infotypes with an employee, and the new screen for Infotype 1 (Organizational assignment) in Webdynpro, seen in the following images .

SAP HR Renewal
SAP HR Renewal

We were surprised about mass execution functionality of personnel actions that allows, for example, to make a massive recruitment from an Excel file.

HTML5 organizational structure display or embedded Nakisa display, also greatly improves the appearance and usability when jointly update personnel details and Organizational data.

In conclusion, our view is that HR Renewal is a powerful replacement for the old HCM master data transactions, especially for personnel management ( PA30 , PA20 , PA40 … ) . Comparing organizational structure transactions, there is not a tool similar to PPOME encompassing so much functionality in a single access point, although depending on the tastes of the users, this can be an advantage.

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