The mission of  Provide HCM is to establish itself as a key and expert reference in the Spanish market for service and technologies applied to Human Resources management. In order to achieve our mission, we rely on the following arguments:

  • We are experts in IT for Human Resources, specializing in SAP HCM.
  • All members of our team are SAP certified.
  • We actively participate in AUSAPE working groups.
  • In addition to our expertise in the standard SAP HCM solution map, we are also experts in developments tailored to our customer needs.
  • We directly cooperate with SAP in:
    • Official trainers at SAP HCM and SAP HCM-PSe courses.
    • Development and support of the HCMPSe add on for the Spanish Public Sector.
  • The close collaboration with SAP provides us with knowledge on technological and functional even before being released to customers, what makes us different in several ways:
    • Technology: We know first hand the latest technologies because SAP requires its use in new developments standard.
    • Custom Development: our developments meet strict quality control standard (checkman, extended check, accesibility, usability, performance and translation) that most developers ignore, and try to provide customizable developments that are flexible and easily reusable in the future.
    • Support: As matters with technology, we quickly know the details of each legal change that is produced and distribute this information through internal reporting tools to the working groups of projects
    • Implementation: Having an experienced team + Anticipating legal changes/ new functionallity + Technology Expertise +  Quality custom developments.: Success in SAP implementation project, remember, do not miss any of the previous points.

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