Google, The new Big Brother?

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A few weeks ago Google announced the purchase of Nest, a company dedicated to smart thermostats and smoke detectors. Which could pass as a simple acquisition of a company, could be seen as an attempt by Google to enter in our homes and the world of domotic. If Google is already the owner of Android, the most used operating system in mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and is beginning to enter the world of smart-tv, vehicles, navigators and social networks like Google+, we can see how Google is moving into every facet of our lives, from work, to personal life, even our own homes .

Internet Of Things

Google ceased long time ago to devote only to on-line services, moving to hardware, to mobile phones, cars that drive themselves, Google Glass, smart glasses used to be connected to internet, read your mail, internet and in the future an Android-based smart watch.

Given that more and more of your devices are connected to the network, and most of them are based on Android, Google’s operating system, using any of these we can know how is our house, perform our daily activities, or work tasks, but also send a data of our customs or routines that can be used, as Google said, to improve our customer experience, or not?.

Provide´s opinion is that the power of information is going to be, if possible, even more important in the coming years and therefore companies must innovate in IOT, M2M and API’s. We are already investigating, SAP has its own M2M products …… What about you?

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