First M2M dispositive running!

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Two articles ago, we indicated the beginning of our research in Machine to Machine (M2M) concept. To really have a noticeable feature, we decided to explore in our day to day and find that remote controls management of our business park was becoming a headache: Remote controls without battery, another jalopy to control, problems with the visitors…. So we set to work to replace barrier/garage remote controls with a website accessible from any device that allowed us to get rid of the terrible remote controls. No sooner said than done, we designed a device connected to the Internet 24×7, to centralize the opening of barriers, and a website (contained and released from the device itself) to validate access permissions by user / password against corporate SAP user or LDAP:

M2M garage door remote control SAP

Currently all Provide staff with access to the business park use this route…. and are delighted!. We also use it to open the barriers when a visitor comes.
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