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With HCM Datalog and Security we have a lower volume of development, we will reduce the number of incidents and will minimize the time of implantation in SAP. We improve the SAP flexibility establishing various functionalities in Infotypes fields parameterization.

Datalog and Security offers a solution to the needs that appear in an SAP HCM installation which standard SAP does not cover. Providing the following functionalities:

  • Parameterization values proposed ​​for Infotypes fields: No need to program for implementing the proposals for badis values​​, expanding or repairing the system. With Datalog and Security can be managed the proposal for Infotype fields value through its configuration.
  • Security definition according to the Infotype field values:

    • Have you ever needed to restrict user access based on the value of a field for which SAP does not support definition of security, for example Payroll Area? With Datalog and Security can use any field in any Infotype to achieve this.
    • Does the security offered by SAP in the Infotype level is not enough? Need that your managers have access to only certain fields of infotype? With Datalog and Security can complement the SAP standard profiles and make their users can access to view and/or edit only the fields you define.
  • Taking actions based on the modification of any Infotype field: It is possible to detect changes in the data, send an email, synchronize distributed scenarios, trigger workflow events, etc.
  • Access log, modifications and deletions of infotypes and fields that define it: Never lose data, because the product stores all modified or deleted information by their managers. You can define this functionality on the Infotype field level and have access log to display Infotypes. You always have available the information on who has accessed, modified or deleted a value, recording both new information as overwritten or deleted.
  • Restoring single or mass data: Need to recover deleted data by one of their managers?. Has there been a massive process of modifying data and need to return to the previous situation?. Datalog and Security allows single or mass restore, deleted or modified data without having to restore a full system backup.
  • Web and Mobility access: Do you want any of your managers can access to the cluster data and modification the Infotype fields even outside the office?

    • With Datalog and Security can connect from anywhere through your web browser with SAP technology web-dynpro. This will take you to the application data more faster and simpler.
    • You will have the option to get the smartphone application of Datalog and Security. Will have access to all data and modification that occurred in predefined Infotype fields. We adapt the application to your needs.

Adaptations Request:

  • If any of the available applications applied in your organization but you need security and / or functionality adjustments.
  • If you only need design adjustments, we are very close to success, contact us and we will answer your questions quickly.
  • If you need an application completely adapted to your requirements, we put our development team at your disposal. info@providehcm.es


  • If you experience any problems or have any questions regarding Provide products, contact us. support@providehcm.es

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