Organizational Management (OM)

Business Process:

Lets users easily manage and communicate information about organizational structures and policies. Provides tools for constructing and maintaining an accurate model of the organization and gives users unmatched insight into the staff and structural environment of the company.

Uses the Organizational Management capabilities of SAP ERP HCM to drive workflow and support activities in personnel cost planning, compensation management, employee development and recruitment, SAP CRM, and SAP SEM.

Delivers Organizational Development capabilities including Organizational Planning & Simulation, Organizational Development, Activity Analysis, and Job Analysis.

Provides the ability to simulate, analyze, and experiment with proposed organizational changes and previous organizational models on a centralized or decentralized basis.

An additional organization management process – based on Duet – enables employees and managers to use the Microsoft Outlook Contacts interface access for up-to-date human resource information such as compensation, organizational structure, open positions and training opportunities.

Organizational Charts:

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